Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wonderful Toba Lake

Lake, mountains, hills, trees, and sky...together.
It's a very beautiful landscape.
Come and visit it...TOBA LAKE, North Sumatra, Indonesia.
First take your flight to Medan, and then take a ride about 4 hours to Parapat, one of towns where you can book your accommodation, and enjoy the wonderful lake!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Under The Trees

Meadow, trees...
We enjoyed sitting under the trees
They were green and blooming...


Puncak is located in West Java, Indonesia. Here you can find the green tea garden. From the top of the land (called Puncak) we can see the very beautiful wide tea plantation.

If you come to Jakarta. Don't forget to visit Puncak because it was a very good place to chill in. The weather is fresh and cool. We can reach the place about two hours from Jakarta by bus or car. If you like greens we guarantee you will like the place. :)


We think that you know about Aglonema. Here we want to show you about a colour Aglonema. Aglonemas are usually green but here we show you the colour one.

This Aglonema is very special not only because it has colours but also has some various motives. The price of this Aglonema is more expensive than the green Aglonema. Aglonema that you see here the price is about USD $500. If it is smaller and has fewer leaves the price will be cheaper.

You can find this plants easily in South East Asia like Indonesia and Latin America. They are exported to all over the world. They will be very exclusive if you put them in the corner of your office room or in a part of your home.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Not Green Now

Lake Shartash in the winter.
The lake is covered by the snow. It is not blue now. The trees are not green. About 3 months from now we will see them green and blue again.

This lake is located in Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation. It is not so far from the centre of the city. The author just takes a tram number 15 to go there.

The place is very excited and wonderful. This time we can play sliding or skiing on the lake. When the author and friends went there, It was really great and fun. Here we saw peoples fishing on the lake. They were doing it just for fun or really wanted to sell the fishes that have been captured.

It is a very nice place to spend the time and get a pleasure.